Facial hair has become a trend for a while now. Every male who can grow a beard has started to pull it off, while some adopt various ways in which they can make their beard grow.

However, once you have a beard, you need to take care of it as well or else it would just give a very messy look. The best way to take care of your beard is by washing it regularly and trimming it as well. Just because you are growing your beard does not mean that you never need to cut it. Cutting your beard will give it a proper shape and will help make it grow faster. Also, brushing your beard regularly will prove to be worthwhile.

Taking care of your beard does not only end there; you will also need to apply some beard oils to make sure that the hair does not become dry and stalky. There are many beard oils available on the market, but the best beard oil to use is the one that you can make at home with a few simple ingredients which ensure that your beard grows long and healthy.

The process of how to make beard oil at home is pretty simple as you only have to mix a few ingredients. There is no cooking or any other complications involved.

Homemade beard oil


  • One tablespoon almond oil (sweet)
  • One tablespoon jojoba oil
  • One tablespoon coconut oil
  • Five drops of cedarwood oil
  • Five drops of sandalwood oil


Take a small bottle that comes with a small dropper so that you can easily extract the beard oil once you have made it. Firstly pour the jojoba oil into the bottle followed by the almond oil and coconut oil. Then pour in a few drops of cedarwood oil followed by sandalwood oil. Put the cap back onto the bottle and shake it hard for a little while, and your beard oil is ready.

Only pour out some oil onto your hands or beard by using the dropper and massage it thoroughly all over your beard. Also, rub some into your cheeks. A little brushing of your beard will help you style it.

To add extra oomph to your beard, you can add some argan oil to the mixture. This oil makes the hair in your beard smoother and shinier, making it look immaculate. Many people prefer adding argan oil, and it is reviewed as one of the best ingredients to add to a beard oil.

Now that the lumberjack look is in these days, many men are looking for ways to grow their beard and maintain it. Though there are many products in the market which you can apply on your beard, there are only a few which are better than a natural beard oil which helps you achieve the look that you will get with any product available on the market.

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