When making a beard oil at home, you need to know the types of oil you should use and the process of making the beard oil.

Base Oils

You will choose your base oil depending on the type of quality you want your beard to have while making a DIY beard oil. One thing that people tend to forget is that they also have to take care of their skin along with their beard hair. There are many oils present that will take care of both the skin and the hair. Here are some good base oils that you can use:

Argan oil

This oil is preferred by a lot of people as it does not leave any greasiness on the beard. It also nourishes the skin and beard with vitamin E and other essentials, which encourage hair growth and help repair damaged hair.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a natural product that helps make the skin smooth and repairs damaged hair and cells. The oil is safe to use for almost all skin types and helps fight off acne and reduces oil production. It also helps in making the beard stronger.

Sweet almond oil

The smooth texture of this oil makes it a great ingredient to add to your oil mixtures. It is gentle on the skin and repairs it from damage. There are also a lot of different minerals present in sweet almond oil, which will bring a lot of good to your beard hair.

Castor oil

One of the best oils to help with hair growth, castor oil is high in fatty acids and vitamin E, which provide nourishment to both the skin and the hair.

Essential Oils

These oils help add the extra oomph you might be looking for, and they also help you add scent to the beard oil.


It helps prevent dandruff and keeps the skin under the hair nourished.


It helps fight off dry skin and other skin problems all the while making your hair grow faster.


It also helps hair grow more quickly and fight off various skin problems caused by dry skin.


It helps strengthen the follicles of the beard, thus making sure that you do not witness too much hair loss.

Ylang ylang

It helps hair grow and balances the natural oils present in your skin.

Now that you know the types of oils you can use while making your beard oil, you should also know how to make your beard oil at home.

The process is quite straightforward and quick. You will need to balance off the base oils; you can use a couple of tablespoons each and then add a few drops of essential oils. Take a small bottle in which you can store the oil. Insert the base oils first and then add the drops of the essential oils. Once you have added everything together, tightly close the cap of the bottle and shake it thoroughly. Your beard oil is now complete.

With the help of a dropper or just by using your hands, apply the oil on your beard and make sure that it has spread evenly. Brushing your beard after will help you achieve the final touches. You are now ready to show off your perfect beard.

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